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Customer Testimonials

Sold my house so i have to move back to my mother's place. When moving my stuff, the guys was good and absolutely professional. A job I have not expected cause I always had a bad time in moving. Much to my surprise, the total bill I paid is fair enough too. I have kept their contact as I am sure I will be using them again! Thanks!Eduardo Holmes, Burnaby

I had hired Burnaby Moving Company last year for my residential move and it was good. So when I needed movers for my office move, I called them up again. They were extremely organized and all of our furniture were treated fragile. I guess its time to share some good review since they have done me favor twice now. Thanks!Cody Ferguson, Burnaby

Superb service! The 2 guys were fast and quick, my things were placed in the basement and its a bit hassle to take out all my things out. But the the 2 guys were smart and it looked very simple when they started moving things up. I am simply amazed. Thank you so much.Ivy Olivia Mills, Burnaby


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