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Sold my house so i have to move back to my mother's place. When moving my stuff, the guys was good and absolutely professional. A job I have not expected cause I always had a bad time in moving. Much to my surprise, the total bill I paid is fair enough too. I have kept their contact as I am sure I will be using them again! Thanks!

---Eduardo Holmes, Burnaby

I had hired Burnaby Moving Company last year for my residential move and it was good. So when I needed movers for my office move, I called them up again. They were extremely organized and all of our furniture were treated fragile. I guess its time to share some good review since they have done me favor twice now. Thanks!

--- Cody Ferguson, Burnaby

Superb service! The 2 guys were fast and quick, my things were placed in the basement and its a bit hassle to take out all my things out. But the the 2 guys were smart and it looked very simple when they started moving things up. I am simply amazed. Thank you so much.

---Ivy Olivia Mills, Burnaby

Good job guys! The best thing that I can do in return is to recommend you to my friends. I was very happy with your service, its like the day ended without any hassle. My things were in place and all I have to do is to arrange everything. Thanks!

--- Omar Herrera, Burnaby

We were really happy with their service. They worked as soon as they arrived, they rolled out my red carpet, wrapped my glass stuff carefully and marked it. They assembled everything before they left and everything is in good condition. This was the best moving experience I had so far. Thanks again!

---Julianna Shaw, Burnaby

Wonderful Customer Service! The person I spoke to answered all of my questions and made me feel confident in the service I would be receiving in the near future. These folks take the time to make sure they are meeting all of your needs. Definitely recommend.

---kathy smout, Burnaby

My company recently relocated to a new city and we researched all the local moving companies in the area. Burnaby Moving & Storage was competitively priced and their service was absolutely fantastic.They were fast, helpful and extremely professional during the entire process. I highly recommend Burnaby Moving & Storage to anyone in the market for a reliable mover!

---Tabatha smith, Burnaby

I have used Burnaby 3 times so far had an excellent experience every single time. Everything went according to plan, and our equipment was delivered intact and on time. The driver and his crew were all professional and a pleasure to work with. When we need something moved, we call Burnaby Moving and Storage!

---Melvin jenkins, Burnaby